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Saturday 21 April 2018

The Mall, Maidstone

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Reinvigoration of Maidstone's shopping centre

"Silver & Co are our trusted partners in providing high quality design solutions."
Mark Bourgeois, Executive Director, Capital & Regional plc


Malls & Parks


Capital & Regional plc


Maidstone, Kent


Reappointed following our successful work on the refurbishment of The Mall in Walthamstow.  To bring back to life this once proud but failing shopping centre. To transform the shopper experience and attract both national and international leisure and retail operators.

Breathing a new lease of life

This dramatic £6million refurbishment, modernised the 500,000 sq ft centre and delivered a re-energised, vibrant shopping and leisure environment. This included opening up the basement, creating an exciting light lower ground floor, driving tenants, customers and rents in the process. Revealing and exposing the original timber roof structure, we augmented this by removing a dated ceiling, replacing it with an exposed diagonal slatted ceiling and colour true lighting. The removal of the original 40 year old floor and its replacement with a clean and simple tile modernised the centre, as did the creation of high level tenant sign zones. The main entrances were completely refurbished and have been key to driving new footfall.