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Saturday 21 April 2018

The Mall, Camberley

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Interiors Architecture Branding
Refurbishment of the heart of Camberley

"Silver & Co. are our trusted partners in providing high quality
design solutions for our shopping centres."
Mark Bourgeois, Executive Director C&R plc


Malls & Parks


Caplital & Regional plc


Camberley, London


To significantly raise the standards of and revive the shopping experience at Camberley's outdated mall. 

A new beginning
and a fresh

The focus of our repositioning was to entice customers with
a new internal Town Square, filled with fabulous branded
restaurants and coffee shops, surrounbded by exciting,
relevant retailers. Doing this entailed a nedw vertical
contemporary look, using natural materials, sophisticated
detailing and an intelligent energy saving lighting scheme.