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Saturday 21 April 2018

Nature's Healing Garden, Branding

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Interiors Architecture Branding

"Silver & Co have done a wonderful job. We are really happy with both the amazing levels of service we received and the magnificent end results."
Laura Mantle, Managing Director




Nature's Healing Garden 


St John's Wood, London


To create a new brand delivering quality health products and services, including London’s first Salt Room

Born out of the passion and desire to provide lifestyle nutrition

This store was born out of the passion and desire to provide lifestyle nutrition, natural remedies and holistic treatments at the highest possible standards, suitable for that most up-market of locations, St. John's Wood.

It was designed to utilise natural materials, with 100% sustainable bamboo floors, counters and tables, copper lights and accessories. These, combined with large natural images, a Tasting Table, Treatment Rooms and London's first Salt Room, provide the perfect environment to attract and retain customers, who include Sir Paul McCartney and Simon Cowell.