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Saturday 21 April 2018

Gifts of London

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Interiors Architecture Branding
New brand and store design

Shortlisted for the 2014 Surface Design Awards
- Retail Category  


Retail Stores


Heart of London


Villiers Street, London


Reccomended by the Retail Agents, we were commisioned to create an entire new brand and design a new store selling London  souvenirs. The brief was to create a franchise with an inspirational and quality-driven brand for implementation at sites around the Capital.

store fit out

We have created  London's first contemporary upmarket gift  store. This is the first in a series of unique  retail developments due to take place
across many city centre locations.
Gifts of London has redefined the status of souvenir shops in Britain. The elegant and contemporary setting allows the product’s vibrant colours to sing. The store features Silver & Co’s statement wall, shortlisted for the Surface Design Awards. It perfectly blends the sophistication of hand selected and stained finishes with rugged reclaimed timber, fit for the urban setting.