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Saturday 21 April 2018

Clarence Gate Gardens, Marylebone

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Refurbishment of 10 Edwardian mansion blocks

What to do when you cannot insure 9 original
lifts that no-longer meet current standards?  
Answer: Employ Silver & Co to tastefully,
carefully and appropriately design new ones.




Residents Association


Marylebone, London


To replace the failed lifts with new ones and refurbish all the common parts.  12 years later we were reappointed to further enhance the common parts with new energy efficient lighting and a new colour scheme.

Refurbish 10 Mansion Blocks, not once but twice!

Residents in these historic Edwardian Mansion Buildings in the heart of Marylebone had suffered for years with lift breakdowns until finally we were appointed to design new lifts and lift shafts that had to fit perfectly within the surroundings.  We salvaged a number of period features from the lift surrounds to ensure the retention of the original ambience and retained the original feature plaster, store and marble work where practical.  This was augmented by new handrails, mirrors and lighting to provide an appropriately delightful interior.  
12 years later we were invited to return to update the lighting and colour schemes.