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Saturday 21 April 2018

Part 2 - 25 Years On & Still Going Strong

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25 years of impeccable quality

Welcome back to Part 2!

1. I’ve heard you mention previously that this is the best team you’ve ever had. What makes you say that?
I think good people attract good people and I also think that good people need to be around good people – both of which we have here. It’s a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy really.

2. That leads very nicely on to my next question! What are your plans for employee expansion in the future?
It’s a chicken and egg situation when it comes to getting work and getting good people, but businesses can’t stand still, they either go up or they go down and we want to go up. 

3. What gives Silver & Co the edge over some of the bigger practices?
You’ll often find with huge architectural firms dealing with multi-billion pound mega jobs you often don’t get their A-Team. I think because we’re small, everyone here is A-Team. It’s the fact we do all care, we are all good people, we all want to do a good job and we all have drive and passion which is what it’s all about.What’s interesting is that throughout the past 25 years, we’ve maintained contact with many of our clients, some to a greater extent than others. We got a job last year from someone who was involved in one of our very first jobs which just goes to show that our resource of previous clients is still going strong, which not only says a lot about the calibre of work, but also importantly the calibre of people. 

4. Just moving away from Silver & Co for a moment – what do you like to do in your spare time? What drives you and what are you passionate about outside of work…I’ve noticed a lot of sculptures around the office!
Yes sculpture is great – my degree is in 3 dimensional design and what a perfect example of 3 dimensional design a sculpture is. My job is 3 dimensional design and it has clients, budgets, timelines, consultants and issues to address - all of which I love passionately, but in a way sculpture is
3-dimesnional design without any of those is almost the ultimate expression of 3-dimensional design.

Is there anything else?
Of course! Family family family! I’m blessed really because both my wife and son are lovers of 3-dimensional design…maybe I’m just 2-dimensional in that way haha! I do like my sport, I do like to eat, I enjoy a bit of exercise, I love to read, although I don’t get much time to do so! I’m not very good at doing nothing – not very good at sitting on a beach for more than two hours! And doing lots I think is really important, life goes so fast and saying yes! I had a birthday recently and so many of those people were people I’d met in the last few years, so it’s about having new relationships and saying yes and of course that is what business is about – saying yes to people and opportunities.


Lookout for the final installment of this 3-part interview next Thursday.
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Merisa Gomez-Adams
Marketing Manager, Silver & Co.


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